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About Us


fitness as a lifestyle

At Joe Grasso Elite Training, we regard fitness as a lifestyle, customizing each client's workout regiment toward a results-driven goal. Training under the tutelage of Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Joe Grasso, you will quickly experience your desire for FAT LOSS, DEFINED MUSCLE, and INCREASED ENERGY & PERFORMANCE.

Explosive Power Training

Joe Grasso developed a weight training technique that refined muscle and shed body fat in an astronomically faster timeframe than most weight training plans.

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Who we Train

individuals we Train vary from Elders, housewives, and corporate executives as well as both student and professional athletes, Joe Grasso has proven that his techniques can be customized and applied to anyone who simply wishes to make a change in themselves for the better.

MEET The Trainers

Joe Grasso

NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist

ACE Weight Management Specialist

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Vanessa  Grasso

Registered Dietitian, State of California

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

14,000+ Hours of  Personal Training Experience 

B.S. Degree / San Jose State University with a concentration in Dietetics

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